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Aim high and you shall succeed. Whether it’s new or old construction, ASG works with Architects, General Contractors, Building Owners and Property Managers to provide ‘design/build’ suspended maintenance and to ensure access and protection by managing the risks associated to safety and solutions for those who work at height. Possessing over a decade of experience in the Facade Access and Fall Protection Industry – a Total Solutions Provider for work at height, ASG has a vested interest in making your workplace a safer place.


ASG doesn’t stop at consulting with your organization, nor providing only solutions, ASG is also a key player in the products needed for the specifics of this industry to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Kenny Attai


Founded by our Principal, Kenny Attai, ASG was born after a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot came to an end. Kenny has always believed his calling was to “be among the clouds.” It wasn’t until he enrolled in flight school that it was discovered he is color-blind and was told he could not obtain a pilot’s license as a result. In search of what was next, Kenny happened to look up one day and notice a group of window washers suspended in the air at great heights doing their job. He was immediately hooked and set out on a journey to learn more about this trade. For more than decade, Kenny made it his mission to train and learn everything there was to know about work at height. Today, he is one of only few in North America with his level of expertise.


Kenny is now an ASME A120 Committee Voting Member, he holds a SIT (Scaffolding Inspection & Testing Agency) License #45, and is IRATA & SPRAT Level 3 Certified.


Kenny believes knowledge is power and he has put what he knows to the test affecting major change in safety law and regulation in the Caribbean. He loves work at height but he also understands the true risk associated to it. So Kenny’s main goal each and everyday is to make certain that every worker goes home every night. ASG is a family-owned business that puts families first.

“Boy, he’s a weirdo that new guy.”

Access Specialty Group was hired to rig for all the stunts for this Super Bowl LIV half time ad.

Height safety and safe access solutions are at the forefront of everything we do.

At ASG, we design, engineer, manufacture, supply and install a range of products coupled with customized solutions specific to each job site.


Height safety and safe access solutions are at the forefront of everything we do. At ASG, we design, engineer, manufacture, supply and install a range of products coupled with customized solutions specific to each job site.

ASG serves your fall protection needs with the following services:

Utilizing a very strict and controlled sign-off certification procedure, our installation jobs are installed with ‘Sole Responsibility Contracts’. At ASG, we take on your risk. We do this each and everyday, giving our customers the peace of mind necessary to complete jobs of this technical magnitude.

At ASG, as industry leaders in industrial rope access, our primary goal is to assist your organization in either establishing or minimizing the total amount of time that you will experience to complete a job, but also in safely and efficiently completing any and all maintenance and inspection services that you require.

A properly designed and installed suspended maintenance and fall protection system allows contractors to work efficiently. When you eliminate the need for rented or portable equipment you reduce your overall building maintenance costs. In addition, you reduce liability for both parties and allow your team to consistently work safely. In order to reduce risk we utilize a rigorous process of safety auditing and contractor management.


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Installation of three signs to the Wells Fargo Corporate Building in North Carolina. The challenge was to setup the rigging, hoist and install the signs to the exterior structure without impacting the surrounding landscape. Client: American Sign Crafters

We are your safety sanction.


Is your fall protection system design truly compliant? At ASG our job is to safeguard your building’s fall equipment design establishing that it’s the safest it can be at all times. A system that is properly designed and installed protects everyone! To secure reduced risk in facade access and fall protection we use a rigorous method of evaluation, auditing, reporting and process management for our clients:


  • ASG uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to create custom designs confirming respective job sites are fully prepared for audits and compliance.
  • We manage the implementation of securing each of our buildings step-by-step certifying that absolutely no detail is forgotten.
  • Staff is always prepared and trained to use our systems more than adequately to optimize safety.


Put safety first. Don’t hire a manufacturer that inspects and re-certifies their own equipment. It’s a common practice and why people get hurt. This is a clear conflict of interest with a high probability that they will never report that their system, which is now yours, is not code compliant and is not certified for use. At ASG every vendor we work with makes safety a priority. We understand the balance between beauty, safety and functionality.


We know that buildings must stand the test of time, safely.

We inspect with rope access.

Industrial Rope Access Services


At ASG, we make sure your contractors are vetted and your equipment is safe. Codes, standards and regulations govern this industry, and we are approved by OSHA to inspect and certify your equipment is up to code. Our principal inspector is a certified rigging and access professional that can evaluate and train your EBMC. Let us take on your risk and exposure. We are your safety sanction.


When designing, remodeling, repairing and accessing any structure for any reason, there is one unique solution, specialty access:

  • If a building’s structure is failing and it cannot sustain a large footprint on the job
  • If repairing or building new structures requires renting expensive equipment, special permits for scaffolding, or street shutdowns
  • If unique or new design to an existing structure requires access from tight spaces or high places where specialty access rigging is the only option
  • If an IRATA and SPRAT certified technician is required to conduct a task
  • If a special redesign or new construction is needed to access unique spaces and positions
  • If you need to avoid high voltage lines where scaffolding or an aerial lift does not work


Our team of IRATA and SPRAT certified technicians can conduct any of these tasks and more. Not only can we provide specialty access rigging, we can do the job for you, it’s why we’re trained. We can rapidly deploy technicians and workers to a job with a very small footprint. We can rig lines to certified access with no special permits to build scaffolding, or block the street or pedestrian crossings, to do the job.

We don’t hope, we train.


We take on your risk.


Working in collaboration with Architects, General Contractors, Building Owners and Property Managers, ASG manages risk by ensuring Fall Access and Fall Protection systems are all code compliant and certified for use. This encompasses:

  • Facade access design development
  • Facade access engineering
  • Project management
  • Facade access equipment installation
  • Work at height operating procedures
  • Fall prevention training
  • Preventative liability protection
  • Fall protection equipment inspections
  • Testing and re-certification to meet OSHA, Cal-OSHA and New York DOL requirements.

For Existing Buildings we:

  • Audit systems(periodic/annual inspections, load testing, and certification) to ensure compliance with Fed OSHA regulations, ASME A120.1-2008 Standards and IWCA I-14.1-2001 Standards
  • Vet maintenance contractors to ensure compliance with standards and regulations
  • Develop customized fall protection training courses for contractors and facilities staff
  • Develop documentation of existing equipment including:
    • CAD Layout
    • As-built Engineered Drawings
    • Operating Procedures Outline Sheet
    • Safe Work Plan
  • Modernize existing systems to meet current standards and regulations
  • Install new systems and provideengineering solutions
  • Provide a unique Preventative Liability Program (PLP)
  • Offerexpert representation in the event of an OSHA investigation


While advancements have been made in fall protection equipment and technology, falls and unsafe work practices remain a serious concern for work at height and this industry as a whole. After motor vehicle accidents lead in annual injuries and costs, falls come in second whether they occur at the same level, albeit a trip and fall situation, or from height, which allows for suspended access. Falls are typically unforgiving and make conducting a thorough system analysis vital to safe operations.

New Building Training:

Every new system requires separate training. Once a building’s facade access has been designed and installed by a reputable company with thorough knowledge of codes, regulations, and standards it’s time to hire a certified- rigging and access professional to evaluate and train your EBMC. After suspended maintenance and fall protection equipment is installed in new construction, the building owner, the engineering staff and the contractors using these systems must be trained. When window-cleaning contractors are selected by the building owner, someone must be charged with the task of ensuring they are properly trained on the existing system.


Existing Building Training:

Over time, buildings change owners, vendors and contractors and it’s very normal for training to get lost. Anyone delegated to maintain a building must be professionally trained to use a specific system.


Specialty Access:

Specialty access is the solution to a variety of tasks and challenges. From rappelling off the side of a building for charity, to industrial rope access services, to providing custom access solutions where no other conventional access method works, this all “falls” under our specialty access service at ASG. Let us take on your risk and exposure AND do the job that most can’t.



We rappel (of course)! ASG’s IRATA and SPRAT training and certification allow us to rappel off any building or structure for any occasion. Again, we need no special permits. We focus on the difficult tasks where no other options are viable or cost prohibitive.


Units Q & R
4750 Oakes Road
Davie, FL 33314
Tel: 305-619-2464
Cal/OSHA SIT license No. 45